Residential Locksmith

As one of the leading locksmiths in the nation, Locksmith Pros understands that your home is one of your most valuable assets and it needs to be secure, and our company can help you with your locksmith issues. Our technicians handle every kind of security and lock device in the market, and they have access to the latest locksmith technologies. Here are some of our residential locksmith services.
Re-key Your Locks
If you like the locks on your home but are worried about someone else having a key, get the locks re-keyed. You may have purchased a house that has custom locks that provide a great look to the home. Get them re-keyed, and you will not have to worry about who has keys to your home.
Master Locks
A master lock is another solution. We can install a master lock system that will allow each person that you want to have to access a key that fits a particular lock. This is an excellent idea for house guests that may be staying temporarily.
Keyless Entry
Electronic keypads and bio-verification locks are becoming more popular. Instead of worrying about where you have put your keys, you can use a remote to open your door or a lock that requires a thumbprint to verify that you have access to the home.
Sliding Doors and Windows
Sliding doors are doors many people do not think about when it comes to security. These are one of the doors that thieves use more often than any others. To protect your home, you need to install quality locks here and on your windows.
Mailboxes, Safes and Garage Doors
Three more locks that are an integral part of your home and often get overlooked when you are thinking about security are mailboxes, safes, and garage doors. We can optimize each of these to provide the best protection possible.
Do not take a chance on any part of your home being vulnerable. Your home should be the place where you feel safe and secure. We can send a residential locksmith to ensure that you, your family are not at risk. Locksmith Pros is your one-stop for all residential locksmith services, give us a call today to fix all your locksmith needs.

If you have lost your keys, need an extra set, or obligated to change a damaged key, our home locksmith services will offer you a fast and convenient way to fix this problem. Our professional locksmith personnel are on standby to provide a complete lock and key services. We pride ourselves at our capability to rekey any kind of locks; we can re-key Kwikset locks, a Schlage lock, and many more lock models. And in cases if your lock is damaged and/or failing to function we will try to fix it. If a repair is not possible we offer and install locks right from our service vans. We copy keys flawlessly and can supply you as many key copies as you wish. If you lose your mailbox key, Locksmith Pro can either rekey your mailbox lock or change the lock instantly right there at your location.

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