Rekeying Locks Services

Rekeying Locks Services

Have your car keys been stolen? Did you lose your house keys and you’re anxious about your home’s security? Are you moving into a new house? Our team of professional locksmith technicians are licensed, fully trained, and have the technical know-how to provide you with rekeying locks services without hurting your wallet.

What is Rekeying a Lock?

Rekeying means changing a lock, thus allowing a different key to open it. Rekeying locks is done in the event of losing a key or when the keys are in compromised situations like lock owners may be concerned about unauthorized people having copies of the keys to the lock.

Lock rekeying is a better alternative than changing the locks in your house, your car, or your office because it costs lesser, and you will end up with the same security results as well.

House Locks Rekeying Services

House locks rekeying is advisable if you just moved into a new house or apartment. When you move into a previously owned house, there’s no way of knowing how many people still possess the keys or how many duplicate keys they distributed to their extended family members or friends or neighbors or what not.

Rekeying locks is also a great way to make the locks on all your doors open with just one key, and that’s why house locks rekeying is one of our popular residential locksmith services. Contact us and we’ll send our locksmith technicians immediately to rekey your locks as soon as possible.

Car Locks Rekeying Services

1stCity Locksmith‘s team of professional auto locksmith technicians are licensed and are fully equipped with the latest tools to have your car locks rekeyed. Our auto locksmiths can remove the cylinder inside your car door locks, as well as the cylinder in the ignition and your car’s trunk, making any keys that unlocked your car’s doors in the past useless.

Commercial Locks Rekeying Services

Rekeying locks in your office business is as important as rekeying the locks in your house or in your car. As your employees come and go, you can never know who has made copies of your office keys. And if you are concerned about your previous employees having a grudge against you after firing them, rekeying the locks on your office doors is a more practical solution. Our professional locksmith technicians can rekey the locks in your office, making all the old keys unusable.