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We provide affordable mobile locksmith services in San Diego, California as well as we provide locksmith services in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are locked out of your house or your car, or if your door locks need to be replaced, you can rely on our locksmith technicians to arrive in your area fast to assist you accordingly whenever you need it. We are ready to serve you 24/7, even on holidays! We do know how difficult it is to be locked out, that’s why we are offering 24-hour emergency locksmith services at affordable price. Check out our locksmith prices below:



We recommend you to call a local locksmith and get a free quote so you would know how much it will cost you. One important reminder is that our locksmiths won’t perform the service without quoting the customer the exact amount needed. When you need to change the lock on your front door and you already purchased a cylinder lock or a deadbolt lock but you’re not sure how to set them up in your front door properly, you can ask our local locksmith to install the new entry door lock for you using the one that you have.


Below are the locksmith prices for our popular services:

Lock Change or Repair $35*

If your door lock needs replacement or repair, we will send the nearest locksmith technician to assist you within an hour of your initial call. Our resident locksmiths are professional and are fully equipped with the latest tools to get your front door repaired for your family’s safety.


Lock Rekeying $19*

You must rekey locks on your front door if you lost your house key or if you just moved into your new house. If you lost your keys or if your bag was stolen from you with your keys in it, call a local locksmith near you to rekey locks on your front door. Also, lock rekeying is necessary if you just moved into your house or your apartment to ensure your family’s safety. You never know how many people still have access to your home.


Car Lockout $35*

When you get locked out of your car, don’t smash your car window to get in. Contact us and our nearest local locksmith will arrive in your area within an hour of your call. Replacing or repairing your broken window might be much expensive than calling an auto locksmith.


House Lockout $35*

We offer 24-hour locksmith services for every emergency especially when you are locked out of your house or your apartment. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 to assist you and pop a lock for you even on holidays. We do know how frustrating and dangerous it is to be locked out especially in a cold weather. You can rely on our fast response – with one hour response time, our nearest locksmith will arrive in your area to assist you.


Car Key Replacement $90*

If you need a car key replacement, instead of calling your car dealer or car manufacturer, contact a local auto locksmith, and you will save a lot more money. We can replace your car key whether your car model is new or kind of old. Our auto locksmiths have a vast knowledge of any type of vehicles and are equipped with the latest tools to have your transponder key, smart key, proximity key, or key fob to be replaced.


Transponder Key Reprogramming $120*

When your transponder key needs reprogramming, dial (888) 706-2211 and get a free quote. We will send our nearest auto locksmith to help you. Our car locksmith technicians are skilled and are fully equipped to reprogram your key successfully.


Mail Box Change/Unlock $35*

Your mailbox is an important part of your house and your life that must be taken care of. Their lock mechanisms are quite simple that people with no good intentions can easily break in to, putting you and your identity at risk. You may haven’t thought about it yet, but there had been cases of identity theft because of defective mailboxes which you can avoid by having your mailbox’s lock changed or upgraded. Our locksmiths can unlock your mailbox for you if you are locked out.


File Cabinet Change/Unlock $45*

If you need to change your file cabinet door locks, you may contact a local locksmith to repair or change the locks for you. If you are locked out, you can rely on our 24-hour emergency lockout services with one hour response time. Unlocking your file cabinet DIY tools to break entry might damage the lock, thus, leaving your important documents out in the open, compromising its safety.. your safety.


New Lock Installation $35*

Keep your home secure and your family protected from unwanted people and trespassers. If you think your door locks, especially your front door needs to be replaced, you may dial (888) 706-2211 and get a free quote. Our locksmith technicians will arrive in your area within an hour of your initial call to install new door lock for you and upgrade your home security system for you and for your family’s safety.


Car Key Extraction $65*

When you accidentally split your car key in half while it’s still in the door lock or in the ignition, don’t try to wiggle it out.. you might just push the other half deeper and double the damage. Call a local auto locksmith for they have the proper tool and the know-how to extract your car key without causing any damage to your car.


The above locksmith prices are starting prices. Dial our toll-free emergency number: (888) 706-2211 and get a free quote to know how much certain locksmith services will cost. We will send our nearest locksmith to assist you with any services you require – within an hour of your initial call, you can rely on our professional locksmiths to arrive in your area to assist you, any time of the day or night… even on holidays!


Save and/or print this discount coupon and present it to our locksmith before paying for the service you availed. For more information, contact us and get a free quote.

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