Car Ignition Repair

Car Ignition Repair

1stCity Locksmith provides high quality and trustworthy car ignition repair services you can depend on. We strive in serving you with the best auto locksmith services so you won’t have to face hassles with your car. Our auto locksmith technicians are licensed and are experienced in handling all kinds of car models; old and new. Their skills and knowledge on every car models are the same with the technicians in car dealers alike.

24/7 Car Ignition Repair Services

Car ignition repair services we offer:

  • Key stuck in the ignition
  • Key won’t turn on the ignition
  • The ignition was damaged because of attempted stealing
  • There are objects stuck (dirt, half of the car key) in the ignition switch
  • If the ignition key and ignition switch needs replacement


Give us a call and our locksmith technicians will arrive in less than an hour to assist you wherever you are in the city. With the proper tools and knowledge, we can assure you that your car will get the quality service it deserves.

If in the event that your car key gets stuck in the ignition, or if the key won’t turn in the ignition, give us a call. Our auto locksmiths are professionals and will be on their way to help you out within an hour or less of your initial call. When you call, simply provide all the information about your car; make, model and year so that our auto locksmith can prepare all the necessary tools and materials needed.