5 Must-Dos for a Successful Remote Car Starter Installation

5 Must Dos for a Successful Remote Car Starter Installation - 1stCity Locksmith


On cold weather months, your car can turn into a refrigerator. But during summer, it can be an oven or a sauna, and that’s when a remote car starter can be a great addition to your car.

A remote car starter is a radio-controlled device which lets you start your car at a distance, depending on the brand. Some remote car starters have a range of 500 ft, while some have a 1-mile range. But aside from starting your car remotely, a remote car starter can also preheat or cool your car off to make your driving experience a better one. And these 5 must-dos must be taken into consideration to ensure a successful remote car starter installation.


Choose a remote car starter with enough range

There are different ranges to choose from; from 500 ft. to 1 mile range, which represents its transmitter power, and which makes the one with 1-mile range with a 10x transmitter power. Most people choose the remote car starter with 500 ft. range because they said they don’t need to start their car within that far distance.

What most people don’t know about is that walls, windows, buildings, or any solid objects can interfere a wireless device which means that a 500 ft. range remote car starter could have a difficulty to reach your car outside an establishment in a parking lot because of these obstacles. And most likely, you won’t just park your car outside your house or in the garage.. you’d also be in the office, malls, restaurants, etc.


Buy the best quality remote car starter

Among the best quality, remote car starter brands in the market are Viper, Avital, Crimestopper, and Python. We featured Viper 5706V, which offers a 2-way LCD security alarm, remote car starter and a 1-piece directed DB3 XPressKit DEI Databus Combo Bypass / Door Lock Interface. If you’re going to buy a remote car starter, you must choose the product which also offers a high-level security alarm system for your car. This Viper remote start is a good investment.

We also featured Avital 5303L which has a 2-way security system, remote start, and keyless entry. You can warm up or cool down your car’s interior before you get in while preparing for office or going home. Through this Avital remote start, you can lock and unlock your car from several feet away using a remote fob, and you’d also feel secured for this also features security alarm system. You can check out The Best Car Alarm Systems (and Remote Car Starter) to Buy in 2018 for the rest of the list.


Purchase your remote car starter from reliable shop or retailer

You can buy a remote car starter at your trusted local auto parts store. The good thing about buying on local shops is that you can have them to install the remote car starter for you. You can always use Amazon or the list of The Best Car Alarm Systems (and Remote Car Starter) as your preference and ask your local store if they have those products.

A reliable auto shop offers and installs the best quality products on the market. They would know which products work best for their clients. Buying on Amazon is also a good move since they sometimes offer bundles or packages that could be much affordable from auto parts stores.


Get a bypass module if it’s not included in the remote car starter package you bought

When buying a remote car starter, it’s important that a bypass module is included, if not, you’d have to buy one to ensure that the remote car starter will work properly. A bypass module is a device that sends a signal to start your car’s engine and keep running. Without it, your car engine won’t start, or it will start but will shut right back off.


Have your remote car starter installed by a professional

Do not let your friend, family member, extended family member, or any non-professional auto mechanic to install the remote car starter for you. You must only trust the experienced professionals to handle the installation for you, because it is a complicated process and the last thing you want to happen is to spend more money if it won’t work properly, and/or damaged your car.




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