The Best Car Alarm Systems to Buy in 2018



Investing in best quality car alarm systems is crucial these days. Burglary happens every day, and these thieves don’t just break into houses, their favorite targets are cars as well. And so installing the best quality car alarm systems could tighten your car security and your valuables safe inside. Leaving valuable things like bags, laptops, and other gadgets inside your car could attract thieves to break in your car, but a high-level security alarm system can push them away.


Crimestopper SP-101 Deluxe Alarm and Keyless Entry System

Crimestopper SP-101 - AmazonThis one-way alarm and keyless entry system from Crimestopper has 500 feet of range, with up to 1500 feet in optimum conditions. Its remote key-less entry has programmable double unlock pulse, and emergency override/disarm feature which unlocks the door and override the alarm if the transmitter is lost.

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AVITAL 5303L Security

AVITAL 5303L Security - AmazonWith this anti-theft remote start system, you’d be confident that your car is safe from burglars who would try to break into your car. It features 2-way security systems with remote start and keyless entry. It has one LCD remote which displays warning icons when the doors or trunk are open. The panic mode will sound the alarm and flash the parking lights when an intruder tries to break in.

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Python 5706P Responder

Python 5706P Responder - Amazon


When it comes to high-level security, Python 5706P Responder is what you need. The Responder features a2-way LCD pager car alarm with a 1-mile range and remote start. The remote can confirm commands with tones, vibration, text, and icon display.

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Viper 5806V Security System

Viper 5806V Security System - Amazon


The Viper 5806V Security System has a 2-way keyless entry car alarm and remote start system. It features 5-button LED transmitter with a 1-mile range. This security system can support up to 2 vehicles which you can take advantage of if you have 2 cars that you need to install car alarm system.

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Viper 5706V Alarm and Remote Car Starter

Viper 5706V Alarm - AmazonThis is a bundle package from Viper for their valued customers which includes a 2-way LCD security alarm and remote car starter, and a 1 piece-directed DB3 XPressKit DEI Databus Combo Bypass / Door Lock Interface. With this alarm system, you can start your engine from up to 1 mile away. This alarm system comes with 2 remotes; one of which is an LCD display SST pager remote with 2-way confirmation, and a rechargeable 2-way remote with a micro USB port.

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