The Nest x Yale Lock is Coming Out This March, Finally

The Nest x Yale Smart Lock Coming Out This March

The long wait is over. The Nest x Yale lock is finally coming out this March. We have featured some of the digital door locks for your home in the past, but this smart door lock is like the baby of a huge partnership between Yale and Nest. The ultimate smart lock we’ve all been waiting for is within our reach in a few months time. After purchasing August Home (Yale, or rather its parent company, ASSA ABLOY), we can expect for greater user experience with all these smart lock technologies combined.. as you can see on the video below.



The Nest x Yale Lock features a key-free, touch-screen deadbolt, which can hold up to 250 passcodes, is also controlled by an app from which you can lock and unlock the door wherever you are in the world. You can grant limited access to your cleaners or a dog walker, for instance, from which they can only use their access code for the scheduled time you gave them. You can also connect it with the Nest Hello doorbell to see who gets in and out of your house, when they got in, and/or let them in remotely.


Yale made it clear that the door lock is protected by reinforced hardware, and since there’s no keyhole featured in it, it won’t be picked. For additional security, they also used “multiple layers of bank-level encryption tech” to protect it from hacking.


The Nest x Yale is battery operated and so you don’t have to worry about a sudden power failure or if your wifi fails you. The lock will warn you before the battery dies, but if you didn’t notice the warning and the battery died, you can enter a code by touching a nine-volt battery to the terminals at the bottom of the lock.


This new smart lock, the Nest x Yale lock, will be available for pre-order in February and shipments to start in March. The pricing is not yet confirmed.




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