List of Where You Can Get Keys Made Near Your House

Do you have this housemate who happens to lose his/her keys all the time? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Not just kind of annoying, but pretty annoying. They would lose their keys and they would borrow yours to make a copy, which they won’t do because they’re forgetful like that (busy, eh?). And you, as a responsible and nice housemate will do the job for them.. also because you want to get your own key back.

And because you’re really nice and you would “volunteer” to have their keys made or duplicate from the nearest key cutting shop or local locksmith near your house to get it done, once and for all. The problem is, where to get keys made near your house?


List of Where I Can Get Keys Made Near My House - 1stCity Locksmith


The following stores offer key cutting services or have key copy machines installed. These key copy machines can cut or duplicate keys in minutes, for as low as $1.50! These key copy machines are normally located in the hardware section, and yes, they accept major credits and cash, of course.



Check first if the store located near your house offers key cutting services or have key copy machines installed before dropping by their store.




Ace Hardware Store Finder

Contact Number: 1-866-290-5334


Home Depot Store Finder

Contact Number: 1-800-466-3337



Walmart Store Finder

Contact Number: 1-800-925-6278



Lowe’s Store Finder

Contact Number: 1-800-445-6937



The following are the key copy machines you can find in some of the above stores mentioned. Find the closest kiosk in your area:



KeyMe Locator

Contact Number: 1-855-397-6740


minutre key logo

MinuteKey Locator

Contact Number: 1-800-539-7571




FastKey Locator



If you don’t have time to go to these stores and duplicate keys yourself, you can call a local locksmith near you and have them duplicate keys for you in your house. A local mobile locksmith can make keys on site fast and for an affordable price. A local mobile locksmith is always available to duplicate keys for you, any time of the day or night… even on holidays.



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