10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars During The Holiday Vacation

10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars During The Holiday Vacation - 1stCity Locksmith


You may have been waiting for this long holiday vacation to spend quality time with your family and friends. But this also may have been the perfect time those crooks are waiting for them to break into your house and take every valuable they can carry. While you’re exchanging gifts and wishing each other a Merry Christmas, some people are planning on how to break entry and take those precious gifts and your hard-earned valuables for themselves.. by force, of course.


Keep your home safe from burglars and unwanted people of society during your long holiday off with your family and friends. Here’s what you can do:


1. Do not advertise your vacation plans

Keep your vacation plans a secret as much as possible. Do not post anything about going on a vacation to Facebook or Twitter or to any of your social media accounts. To spend a week-long (or longer) vacation on Norway, Finland, or Bali (because why not, some people do want a warmer Christmas with the prettiest sunset, and of course the beach) can be really exciting, but this simple update could lead the bad guys to spend quality time in your house, and taking every gifts and valuable you worked hard for. You never know who can read your social media updates, and so to prevent them from thinking they’ve got a chance, stop posting about your vacation plans.


2. Strengthen your home’s security

If you think your front door lock is not strong enough, upgrade it. Do the same with your backdoor. Upgrade your home security system. Buy a high-quality door lock for your front door and back door. You can ask for a local locksmith’s advice on installing the door locks especially if don’t have enough knowledge on how to properly install a door lock on your own.

A weak door lock is a sure invitation that these burglars can easily pick up, kick in, and voila! They’re in for Christmas treats.


3. Ask for your neighbor’s help

If there’s one good reason why you must build a good relationship with your neighbor, it’s this. For them to keep an eye on your house while you’re on vacation and calling the police whenever they see some suspicious people lurking outside. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your neighbor(s) go(es) a long way.


4. Make it look like someone is home

If it’s not too much to ask, do ask your neighbor to do the following for you to make it looked like someone is home, in exchange of a very nice gift, of course, from wherever you’re coming from:

* Pick the mail for you
* Mow the lawn
* Occasionally park their car in your driveway
* Turn on the outdoor light at night

** Alternatively, you can stop the mail delivery and set lights on timers.


5. Set indoor and outdoor lights on timers

If you think asking for your neighbor to turn the lights on at night is too much, get a light switch timer. Aside from automatically turning on and off the lights according to the schedule you set, light switch timers are also great energy savers. If you often forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room, or the outdoor lights you, unfortunately, kept lit all day, timer switches will handle it for you.


6. Keep your curtains close

It’s important that you keep your valuables, expensive items out of sight. Do not give the burglars reason to break into your house. This also goes with cars. Do not leave valuables inside your car especially when you’re going to park on the street.


7. Disable the automatic garage door opener

Experienced burglars do know how to manipulate garage doors; from using the basic tool like a coat hanger to hacking your garage door’s codes. Modern-day thieves do have ways to break-in easily, but by disabling your automatic garage door opener, there’s no other way for them to get in aside from the key.


8. Do not display boxes of expensive items you have inside

Displaying the boxes of expensive gifts you had out on the street is like an automatic invitation to burglars. They get easily attracted to brand new stuff no matter how big they can be, like a brand new 50″ LED TV.


9. Put away tools and ladders

Do not give the burglars tools to help them get in your house. Keep your plants and trees trimmed so they do not provide as hiding places for the burglars. Together with the outdoor lights and trimmed plants and trees, there will be nowhere for them to hide and do their tricks to break in your house.


10. Double, and triple check your door locks before leaving

Double check, and if you must, and you certainly should, triple check all your windows and door locks before leaving. Also, if you keep spare keys outside your house in case of lockouts, collect it for safety.


Take the extra step to protect your home while you’re on vacation. That way, you can fully enjoy, relax and be confident that your precious, hard-worked properties are safe until you get home. Here are some more facts about burglars and tips on how to keep your home and your family safe from them.



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