Safety Tips in Deep Frying your Thanksgiving Turkey for Merrier Holiday

Safety Tips in Deep Frying your Thanksgiving Turkey for Merrier Holiday


How many of you love deep frying your turkey? It’s juicier and lovelier (if generously injected with a delicious marinade, of course) when deep fried, right? But as much as how tasty and delightful deep-fried turkey is, is how complicated and a bit dangerous it can be to cook it. Well, it’s not completely dangerous, just a lot of safety precautions must be taken into consideration when deep frying your turkey; to ensure a merry, happy Thanksgiving at a healthy home, away from injury and hospitalization.


Wade here, is going to show you how to safely deep fry your turkey for Thanksgiving


Again, Safety Tips in Deep Frying your Turkey:

Place the fryer on a level surface, and make sure it won’t be moved while it’s in use.

Put at least 2 feet distance between the tank and the burner when using propane turkey fryer.

Measure the amount of oil you will need to avoid spilling. Deep-frying-turkey-related-accidents happen once you put the turkey in and there’s too much oil in the fryer. If there’s too much oil, it will spill and will ignite fire once it gets contact with the burner. And so to avoid overfilling, measure the amount of oil you’re going to need:

  • Put the turkey in the fryer (legs up), and fill it with water.
  • Make sure the water fully covers the turkey because that’s just the right amount of oil you will heat to fry your turkey.
  • Take out the turkey and measure the water left in the fryer.

Buy a deep fryer with temperature control. This device you have to keep an eye on while frying because when cooking oil is heated beyond its smoke point, it can catch fire.

Keep your fryer away from children. Keep the kids busy with stuff like playing video games or something.

Do not fry a frozen turkey. Make sure that the turkey is thawed and dry before frying it. When the oil is mixed with water, it flares up.. and that might give you 2nd-degree burn all over your face and your body. So DO NOT FRY A FROZEN TURKEY.

Wear goggles to protect your eyes. If you have a helmet, like that one Wade used, the better. Use oven mitts to protect your hands, wear shoes, and keep a grease-rated fire extinguisher close by.

Cut the plastic found in the turkey which holds its legs in place.

Do not stuff your turkey, and never use water-based marinades.

Slowly put your turkey in the fryer. Do not panic when the oil splatters; there may have been a little amount of water left. Slowly put your turkey deep in the fryer until it reaches the bottom. The goggles and oven mittens are your protections against the oil splattering. As seen in Wade’s video, the oil splattered and reached his shoes. If you wear flip-flops while frying, the splattered oil might reach your feet, and it will hurt a lot.


Once you’re done frying that now delicious, lovely turkey for everyone, slowly remove it from the fryer, hang it for a while to let the excess oil drop. Turn the burner and the propane tank off. You can leave the fryer open to let the oil cool itself overnight. You can keep it for another use, or you can dispose of it. Dispose of it properly though.


And there you have it. You can deep fry your turkey without burning your house down and/or hurting yourself. And just like Wade said, “use common sense”. Do not do something stupid like frying a frozen turkey, over-flowing the oil, overheating the oil (DO NOT OVERHEAT THE OIL), and not wearing protective eyewear and gloves.


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Happy Thanksgiving from 1stCity Locksmith


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