Home Security Camera Catches The Burlgars In Action

Two burglars were caught in the act while robbing a house in Urbandale, Iowa, on October 14, and the Urbandale police department is asking for the public’s help with identifying the crooks in the video.

Urbandale burglars caught in security camera

In the video, which the Urbandale police shared on their Facebook page, shows the man in white hoodie scanning the table for valuable items, while the other guy who was standing behind him holding a box (seems like a safe box), continues to watch him until both of their eyes went to the security camera’s direction… and boom! their faces are all over the internet.

Anyone with information of these men’s whereabouts is asked to call the Urbandale Police Detective Zac McDowell at 515-252-8251

Upgrading your home security system won’t only catch thieves in the act, but knowing that you do have a security system (and showing them that you do have one), would prevent other wrongdoers to think of doing something really wrong that would totally send them to jail for long.


Urbandale facebookpage

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