Local Locksmith Trapped in a Collapsed Building in Mexico City was Rescued 17 Hours Later

Collapsed Building in Mexico City after 7.1 magnitude earthquake

A devastating news shocked the world when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico on Tuesday, September 19.. the same day when the country was hit by an 8.0 magnitude and killed an estimated 9,500 people 32 years ago.

Rescue operations took place after the powerful earthquake struck Mexico City and its surrounding area, reporting casualties and many trapped under collapsed buildings. Martin Mendez, a local locksmith, was one of those trapped in a collapsed six-story building in Mexico City, together with 3 other people.

(CNN conducted an interview with the survivors days after they were rescued)

Mendez, 54, said he was replacing broken locks at an accounting firm when he felt the floor rumble. He immediately ran to an emergency stairwell, but the floors came down like dominoes. Within seconds, he found himself enclosed to a small space with a broken leg. Despite their situation, they’re still lucky because some furniture seemed to be their shield from falling debris, keeping them safe and the others in the wrecked office.


Read the complete story of the earthquake’s survivors in CNN’s report

Photo credit: CNN

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