10 Burglary Facts and Tips to Help You Protect Your Home and Your Family

Did you know that about 2M home burglaries are reported each year in the United States? In every 13 seconds, a house is being intruded, with nearly 200 houses per hour, and almost 4,800 houses per day. According to the FBI, about 30% of home burglaries happen because people leave their windows or doors unlocked, while about 70% of home burglaries are break-ins.

Burglary facts and Tips for your Home and Family - 1stCity Locksmith


While these statistics are quite alarming, here are 10 burglary facts and tips on how you can take actions to protect your home and most importantly, your family from intruders.


1. Burglars usually attack at daytime; between 10 am and 3 pm

We normally think that thieves do their thing at night while everyone’s asleep and the darkness is there to help them cover their faces, sneaking around their victims’ houses and exiting with their loot along with the biggest smiles on their faces. But apparently not, they mostly attack while everyone’s busy at work or at school.


2. Thieves tend to stay away from homes with security systems

A house with a good security system has a huge potential of catching thieves, and these thieves are intelligent enough not to risk their lives and freedom. A good home security system must include a burglar alarm to frighten them and perfectly positioned cameras to catch their faces clearly.


3. These burglars do prefer an easy access; through an unlocked door or window

A very small mistake can lead to a huge loss. People sometimes forget to lock their doors and/or windows (especially when in a hurry) and some desperate souls would take advantage of it.


4. Most break-ins occur during warm weather months

During the warm weather months, we tend to keep our windows open to keep our house cool without using air-conditioner, but the problem is, we also sometimes forget to close our windows when we leave. A wide-open window is like a wide-open invitation to burglars to come visit our house for a few looting.


5. They are not shy to enter through front doors

They are pretty confident to walk through your front door; whether they find it unlocked, or they would kick their way in. The door’s weakest point is on the strike plate, so it’s best to upgrade to a heavy-duty strike plate and use a solid wood or metal door for extra toughness. Your front door needs to be tough enough to protect you and your family.


6. Screwdrivers, pliers are some of the tools they use to break in

Most of these crooks aren’t the most techie. They like to use simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers, pry bars, and hammers which are effective especially to those doors with very simple locking mechanism.


7. 85% of burglars are nonprofessionals who are usually more desperate and dangerous

Yes, 85% of those who break into your house are nonprofessionals, and most of them are young men (under 25 years old). They are usually looking for small but expensive items like jewelry, gadgets, guns, and of course, cash. They are dangerous because these young men are desperate for money to support their addiction. Drugs have always been number one cause of many crimes.


8. Most of these criminals can burglarize a home in less than 10 minutes

They mark those houses which they think are easy to break in or houses with unlocked doors and/or windows. They also particularly like those houses with overgrown vegetation, which helps them get in and out of your house without getting noticed.


9. In the U.S., only 17% of houses have security systems

These burglars can be prevented from breaking into your houses by upgrading your home security and setting up the lighting outside your house. It’s important to keep your house well-lit at night to show signs of activities outside. Setting up an alarm system and security cameras which are properly placed in your house can triple the chance of burglars being caught.

And remember, they tend to stay away from houses they know are well-protected.


10. Only 13% of reported burglaries result in arrests

Because of the fact that only 17% of houses in the United States have security systems, another fact that only 13% of reported burglaries have resulted in arrests. Burglary is one of the toughest crimes to solve, and sometimes even if the criminals were caught, the lost properties were no longer be recovered.


A burglary can be prevented and these crooks can be caught by upgrading your home security and adding an alarm system with cameras installed in proper places. If your front door is worn or has a hollow core, replace it with a solid core door or solid wood door, better yet, a metal door, for extra toughness. And most importantly, do not forget to lock your doors and windows when leaving your house, or before going to sleep.



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4 thoughts on “10 Burglary Facts and Tips to Help You Protect Your Home and Your Family

  1. I am always baffled when I see statistics similar number 9, “Only 17% of houses have security systems”. In this day and age I would have expected that number to be much higher. Many homeowners tend to overlook the benefits of a home security system. That is until their home gets broken into and they get jostled to their senses. Time is of the essence when it comes to safety and security, and having a home security system helps keep homeowners alert and on their toes.

    If I was to play devil’s advocate, I would say that cost might be a barrier, and that is probably why more homeowners do not have these systems installed. However, there are so many cheap/easy-to-install security systems on the market right now. At this point, the cost cannot be an excuse. Alarms systems are an essential security add-on.

    I would suggest that homeowners install an alarm system before they install surveillance cameras though. It seems like you lumped the two systems together in that section.

    Alarms are actively working to try and ward off criminals, whereas surveillance systems are simply monitoring whats going on. In the grand scheme of things, there are many other security measures that should be considered before surveillance cameras. Don’t get me wrong, I think they help, but they are not the most effective security measure.

    I think pairing your alarm system with solid physical security measures can do you much more good than pairing it with a surveillance camera.

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