Know When To Hire a Professional Locksmith Service Near Your House

Lock picking has been a very common hobby; you can find every tip and DIY guides on how to unlock your front door without calling a local locksmith. You may find it easy to pick your own lock when you get locked out and call yourself invincible, but the risk of exposing your house on being picked by intruders is huge. When you find it easy to pick your own lock, you may have to think of hiring a professional locksmith to install a new door lock that would protect you and your family and your belongings from burglars and bad elements of the world.

Know When To Hire a Professional Locksmith Service Near Your House - 1stCity Locksmith

A professional locksmith knows not only to pop a lock for you (properly), a skilled and professional locksmith also knows:


If you just moved into your new house or apartment, it is advisable to rekey the locks on your front door, and the back door, and the garage door (if you have one, of course). Every outside door you have in your new house must be rekeyed by a professional locksmith to ensure your family’s safety. Rekeying is advisable because you never know who else has access to your house. The old owners must still have key copies, as well as their friends or neighbors.

Key Duplication

Key duplication must only be done by a professional and licensed locksmith. If you wish to give key copies to your family members or your friends, you must contact a local locksmith that is truly professional and is licensed and reliable and honest and true.

New Lock Installation

If you think your door locks need replacement, you must leave the job for the professional locksmith. Installing door locks must be done with quality and perfection. If there is one thing that must be done perfectly in your house, it must be the door locks.

Installation of High Tech Door Locks

If you wish to have a high tech door lock installed in your front door, do so. As high tech door locks or electronic door locks aren’t only advisable to business establishments, house owners whose home security must be upgraded to protect not only their families but their possessions, must not have second thoughts of upgrading their home security system. A professional locksmith has the knowledge and tools and license to assist you with that.

Car Key Extraction

Keys break and sometimes they snap while it’s on the ignition, leaving the other half inside. Sometimes it happens when you’re in a hurry when you’re in a real emergency. An emergency resulted to another emergency.. a bigger one. This is when you must contact a professional locksmith because car key extraction must be done with finesse and with proper tools. Extracting car keys from the ignition if not done right, might result in a much bigger problem.

Car Key Replacement

If your car insurance covers key replacement, good for you, but if not, you better contact a local auto locksmith to have your car key replaced. A professional auto locksmith has the knowledge and tools for any car models; old or new. They’d be able to assist you without spending too much.


Lock picking is just one of the many skills a professional locksmith must possess. Together with his latest tools, he must be able to assist you with any locksmith needs you require. There are every reason why you must have a professional locksmith’s number; you wouldn’t know when an emergency will happen. And if you happen to be in San Diego, you must also know how to search for the local locksmith in San Diego who you can trust.



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