Woman, 63, Rappelled Down A Building After Being Locked Out Was Rescued

A-63-year-old Chinese woman had to be rescued after trying to rappel down her apartment building because she was locked out.

The woman, who was identified as Jia, was rescued by a firefighter when she tried to rappel down her apartment window as the wind blasted her door shut and locked her out. She tried to pick the lock of her door but her frustrations led to a really bad attempt to rappel down the building to her window, according to the UPI.

A video from CCTV+ shows the old woman, clinging to a rope she borrowed from a local construction site and being stuck on an outdoor air conditioning unit, while a firefighter was being lowered to help her climb back up to her window and get inside.

She said she chose this method because she can’t afford to pay a local locksmith. Jia was not injured in this incident.




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