Bill That Would Prevent Sex Offenders To Becoming a Licensed Locksmith

The Locksmith industry has been in total wreck with all the frauds, scammers, burglars, sex offenders, and whatnot linked to it. It is really sad and terrifying how easy people with these backgrounds can get a license to pick the lock for you and get access to your home, leaving you and your family’s safety in danger. But a bill to requiring background checks to local locksmiths is now closer to becoming a law.. a law that must have been a law way before, but, thankfully it’s becoming a law now.

“The bill was passed unanimously in the South Carolina State House of Representatives and is now working its way through the state senate. The bill was drafted after a North Myrtle Beach sexual molestation case involving a locksmith.” says a report from WBTW, News13, in their interview with Representative Gregory Duckworth.

Rep. Duckworth says, “Anyone could do it. You could walk right out jail and open a locksmith business. It’s insane.” He said he decided to write the bill after a North Myrtle Beach locksmith named Peter Spirakis was arrested for child molestation last year. The said locksmith was also a registered sex offender who had been convicted of sex crimes with teens twice before the incident. — reported WBTW, News13.

Local locksmiths, not only in South Carolina, but in the whole country, would finally be relieved of a burden of having twisted minds taking advantage of their profession. As this bill would require locksmiths to pass a national state background check to get the license, and block registered sex offenders from getting a license, customers can finally be safe from harm and abuse.

But for now, you must be meticulous in searching for a locksmith near you. Filtering your searches; checking on the locksmith companies’ licenses, reviews, their payment system, and the locksmith prices as well, so that you have idea of how much their services cost. If the services they’re offering is too cheap, don’t grab it. If it’s too good to be true, skip it.

Get to know the locksmith technicians more before hiring them, that way at least, you’d be protected from harm and scam.



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