The Dos and Don’ts in Installing Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

Double cylinder deadbolt locks are definitely one of the safest door locks from unwanted elements of society, not because it’s unpickable as we can all agree that no lock can not be picked. But a double-sided deadbolt cannot be manipulated with credit cards or devices that try and move the bolt. There is no way of opening it other than using the key.

There is no other way of opening a double-sided deadbolt lock but with the key, which arguably’s not the safest front door locks for your home in case an emergency happened. And so it is advisable to consider planning for your home’s security beforehand. Whatever type of door you wish to use as your front door, you must match it with a door lock that truly fits your door and your needs. Your safety must be the priority.

So how would you know if a double cylinder deadbolt lock is right for you?

What are the Dos and Don’ts in installing double cylinder deadbolt for your front door?


Doors With Small Glass Pane or Sidelight – Using a double cylinder deadbolt might improve your home’s security if you install it in a door with small glass pane or sidelight, but you must have alternate routes for emergency exit. A double cylinder deadbolt lock might discourage intruders to gain entry to your house since breaking the small glass pane won’t instantly let him in because he would still need a key to unlock the door.

Doors With Windows Nearby – a window too close to your door is a risk to your safety, but a double cylinder deadbolt can turn the thing around. The door lock may be within reach, but if the intruder realizes you’re using a double-sided deadbolt, he may have to think twice, otherwise.


Emergency Exits – You must not install double cylinder deadbolts on emergency exits for safety reasons. Once you’ve installed a double sided deadbolt on a door, you cannot use it as an emergency exit. Emergency doors must be easily opened without using any keys.

Full Glass Doors or Half Glass Doors – A house with a glass door or even half glass door can be easily penetrated by a hammer, and voila, you’re doomed with unwanted visitor(s) who most likely will empty your house with huge smiles on their faces. Door locks won’t do good to glass doors because once the glass has been shattered, the intruders won’t have to unlock your door to get in.


Your safety must be first in your list when choosing door designs and installing door locks. When emergency happens, like fire for example, panic plus smoke unable people to think fast or operate keys properly.. worse if they couldn’t find the key. Fire safety must be on top of your plans; if you could create an alternate route, an emergency exit, then a double cylinder deadbolt may be suitable to your front door.


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