Up To 7,300 Housing Units To Be Rekeyed After Locksmith Van Was Stolen

A locksmith’s van which was associated with a housing company in Canada was stolen, and though it was immediately recovered, the important locksmithing tools and information used to cut keys have gone missing, confirmed by the officials of RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

The RCMP officials stated that on the 27th of February, ABOE Locksmith parked their van outside an Airdrie apartment complex, and was stolen overnight. The van was found the next morning south of Airdrie with its locksmithing equipment and information missing.

“If the person who stole this equipment knew how to use it and put the equipment together with the information, and knew how to put all that together, there’s a potential they can . . . create keys to access units,” said Coun. Pincott, the chair of the Calgary Housing Company.

The Calgary Housing Company, which houses 25,000 people in 7,300 units on 211 properties across the city, is a City of Calgary owned corporation providing safe and affordable housing solutions to its citizens.

Last week, the CHC officials held a press conference to inform their residents that no tenant names or other personal information was included in the stolen information, and that they would have to rekey 7,300 units to ensure everyone’s safety. In addition to their tenants’ safety, information will be hand-delivered to update them on the situation.

“First and foremost for us is our tenant’s safety and everything that we’ve done has that in focus. Everything else is secondary to that,” Pincott said. He also noted that it could take up to six weeks to rekey locks on affected units.

The Airdrie RCMP has asked anyone with information to contact them at 403-945-7267 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers.



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