How Not To Get Locked Out When Celebrating National Margarita Day

It’s hard to say no to a lovely margarita especially when everyone’s celebrating its national holiday.. yes, today’s National Margarita Day. It’s a great excuse to drop by your favorite bar(s) even if it’s not weekend, as many of them are taking advantage of this national celebration as well. But also be aware of your belongings as many people have been locked out because they tend to lose their keys when they’re drunk.

So, how do you not get locked out after enjoying a margarita or two or three or more?

Give your keys to your designated driver for safe keeping

If you’re going out with your friends, assign one designated driver. It may not sound as fun (for the designated driver) because they won’t be allowed to drink that much, because they’re everyone’s driver, and must drop everyone safely in their houses, but it would be nice to have one in your group who you can trust your life with, your belongings, especially your keys.

Eat well and drink a lot of water beforehand

Why is it necessary? Because you need to prepare your body from alcohol consumption and not get intoxicated by it.Your body will absorb alcohol much slower if you had a good meal and glasses of water before drinking, unlike when you started drinking with an empty stomach. You will not get drunk that fast, and will still have your senses which reduces the risk of you being locked out.

Be aware of your belongings (bag, cellphone, purse, keys)

It’s a common incident for drunks to lose their belongings because they had no idea where and how and why things happen around them, which make them the easiest target. Protect your valuables at all times especially when you’re in a very crowded place.

Save a trustworthy local locksmith’s emergency phone number

You never know when an emergency will happen, and so it’s practical to have a local locksmith’s emergency phone number saved in your cellphone. You must search for that local locksmith whom you can trust to do the lock picking for you in case you get locked out. Whether you’re locked out of your car or your house, it’s best to have a local locksmith saved in your phone. You must not risk your safety and get locked out for much long, especially in the middle of the night.



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