How Not To Get Overcharged or Scammed by a Local Locksmith Near You

You may have heard or read news about locksmith scams and how terrible their victims’ experiences were in the hands of those sneaky locksmiths, and you must be aware that some of them are still lingering, waiting for their next target. When you see ads that say “$19 locksmith services” or $15 locksmith”, ignore it.. it’s a scam! Don’t fall for their sweet words and too good to be true promises. You might end up in their long list of victims who paid way more than they expected.

They change the price when they arrive in their client’s area, and will ask for a large fee for various reasons like; changing the door locks, because apparently, the old one is broken and they replaced it with a brand new lock. The worse part is, some of them don’t have enough tools or knowledge to do lock picking, and so they would end up drilling the door to get you in. Some of them actually bully their customers; refusing to give them the keys if their customers refuse to pay the humongous amount of money for the service(s) they provided.

These people, who are hurting the whole locksmith industry with their fraudulent activities and unethical behavior, can be identified easily. How?

Ignore the ads that show very cheap locksmith services like $15 or $19.. there is no such thing. No locksmith company can survive with offering services as cheap as those locksmith prices.. not unless they’re doing that for charity.

Double check the locksmith’s website for their license. A locksmith company must be licensed, bonded, and insured to protect their clients’ property from inevitable incidents like accidentally damaging the clients’ door locks while in the process of fixing or reinstalling it.

Also, check if the locksmith’s website is registered to some reputable business listings like Better Business Bureau – a well-known institute of marketplace and trust. They’ve been helping people find trustworthy businesses or services across the country.

An ethical and professional locksmith who wants their clients’ patronage and trust will give you an accurate quote on the phone. It’s important that you and the locksmith both agree with the price you owe once the service is done. Don’t forget to ask if they accept card though. You’d be more secure if you pay them thru card than cash, because in case something went wrong, you can advise your bank to withhold your payment, and so investigation can take place.

You can avoid being scammed by these unethical locksmiths by finding the ones who are licensed, bonded, and insured. Do not hesitate to contact as much locksmith companies until you found the one worthy of your trust. Save that locksmith company’s number for future use. You know, in case of emergency.



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