Top 8 Advantages of Using Electronic Door Locks to Your Home

High tech lock installations have become popular among homeowners, not only because of the security these electronic door locks offer, but getting locked out won’t be any problem when you have it installed in your front door. These digital door locks can be activated and deactivate by authentication such as passcodes, finger prints, voice, and mobile apps among others.. allowing entry to your home to be a lot easier than ever before.

Check out its advantages before you start looking for that perfect digital door lock for your home, that will of course match your needs.

Top 8 Advantages of using Electronic Door Locks

No More Lockout

One of the top advantages of having an electronic door lock installed in your front door is you need not to worry about getting locked out, ever. Although it’s pretty normal to get locked out of your house; misplacing your keys or leaving them inside the house without realizing it, resulting to your lockout tragedy, but to get locked out twice or thrice a week is insane. A keyless entry door lock is the one you need, and your granny surely will appreciate it.

Keyless Entry

You need not to worry about losing your keys, or spreading spare keys to your relatives or to your most trusted neighbor, or hiding one outside your house as your back up. You need not to worry and Google how to break entry your own house when you’re locked out.. making you look like a burglar or something.
You won’t need any keys when you install a digital door lock to your front door because a keyless entry system would only need your passcode, your finger print, or your voice, and you’d be granted access to your lovely house. How’d you like Siri opening the door for you?

Voice Activation Technology

Say the magic word and your front door will automatically open up for you. You need not to ask Siri to search for alternative ways to gain entry when you’re locked out of your house. You’ll ask him instead to “unlock the door” for you, or in some cases, you’ll speak directly to the door. A digital door lock which uses voice activation technology has been one of the best and secure home security system available in the market.

Sending Unlimited “ekeys” to Family and Friends

You need not to make duplicate keys for your family and friends, or backup keys to hand in to your most trusted neighbor, or plant near your doorstep, or whichever you think is a good hiding place. Instead, you can send “ekeys” or unique passcodes for them to gain access to your home.

Monitor Those Who Enter and Leaves your House

You can assign unique passcodes or ekeys to each of your family members or friends or helpers, and monitor who enters your house, indicated the time they got in and out through the mobile app connected to your door lock. You can also assign a passcode for a specific time suitable for your housekeeper or dog walker — giving them no reason to be late or they’d be locked out.

Lock Out Anyone You Want

You can grant access to anyone and revoke that access anytime you wish. Let’s say you and your boyfriend or your girlfriend had a terrible fight, and finally ended it. “It’s over!” and you want him/her out of your life for good. You can lock him/her out of your house in case he/she shows up one day to bring chaos to your hard-earned property, or take everything he/she wishes when you’re not at home, or in a vacation, celebrating your freedom. It’s a big no, no. You can’t let that happen. But with one click, wherever you are in the world, they’d be locked out, for good.

Unpickable Lock

We can all agree that no lock cannot be picked, but an electronic door lock with no physical keys needed for you to gain access, technically, is unpickable. With unique passcodes, or finger prints, or voice to activate the door lock system, no one else but you and your family and your friends can access your front door.

Better Home Security System

Having an electronic door lock installed in your house can double or triple the security for you and your family, and for your valuables as well. Not only a digital door lock has a complex lock mechanism, it cannot be picked, and unlocking it is almost impossible for people who clearly are up to no good.

With all these advantages of using electronic door locks to your home, comes a great disadvantage — it is quite pricey, indeed, but of course, security comes first. There’s no place on earth that you should feel more secure than your home.



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