How Much to Get a Key Made for Your Car

The season of never ending money spending just ended, and here you are, wondering how much a car key replacement costs. You’ve been debating with yourself if you’re going to contact your car dealer or if you’re going to dial that local locksmith’s emergency number you found online. It really is a matter of “how much”, isn’t it? – whoever gives the cheaper service without compromising the quality wins, of course. The fact that contacting a local auto locksmith near you means less expensive, a professional car locksmith may also give you the best deal of locksmith services you need.. for a reasonable price.

So How Much Does a Car Key Replacement Cost?

A car key replacement usually costs $90. It’s the starting price, you see. When you contact a local locksmith and get a free quote, you’d be asked of your car’s information and other details like if your car key’s other half is stuck in the ignition, or if you lost your car key and you’re kinda locked out.. in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. You must really contact a local locksmith if that’s the case, that’s a real emergency.


Reprogramming transponder keys may cost you $120 with an auto locksmith’s help (again, $120 is a starting price). Although you may reprogram the transponder keys yourself if your wallet has been crying and dying from massive spending during the holidays, you just need to be meticulous and attentive to get it right. You can find the instructions in your car’s manual, but you also may contact a local locksmith to reprogram the transponder keys for you, if you find the instructions confusing.


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