DIY Guide on How to Unlock Car Door With a Slim Jim

It’s easy to get locked out of car especially when you’re in a hurry, and getting back in without your key can be a hassle.. can be a lot of hassle, actually. But sometimes people tend to do drastic measure to get in, to break entry regardless of the possibility, the possibility of damaging your car completely.

There’s a lot of ways to break entry if you’re locked out of car; you can use your shoelace to unlock your car, or you can use a coat hanger as a lockout tool, but if somehow you still manage to be a bit lucky and find a Slim Jim (a piece of long metal with a hook on one end) somewhere, the better. But like the other lockout tools, using a Slim Jim requires a deep understanding of your vehicle to avoid damaging your car. You must check and learn how the mechanism actually works, and you must be able to visualize where the parts of the door lock mechanism are located to be able to perform this technique successfully without of course damaging your precious.


To Use a Slim Jim to Open Your Car Door

Note: Since the driver’s door has more complicated lock mechanism than the passenger doors, use this method on the passenger side door instead.

Insert the Slim Jim tool carefully into the door between the glass window and the weather stripping.

Slightly hold the weather stripping back with your finger while sliding the Slim Jim down to the locking mechanism, which is located right under the locking pin.

Use the hooked end to grab the lock rod, and carefully move the Slim Jim back and forth until the hook grips the lock, and finally unlocks the door.

The following video is a demo on how to use a Slim Jim to unlock car door, but this guy’s a
professional so it only took him a few seconds to unlock the car. For a first timer like yourself, I assume, this may take a few tries, thus it requires a lot of patience. Be really careful on wiggling the tool inside your car’s lock mechanism to avoid damaging your car, and you may only use it to your own car.. not to someone else’s, that’s a different story.

Anyway, here’s the video.

If you are unable to unlock your car with this technique, maybe it’s time to contact a local locksmith. A car locksmith has the tools and vast knowledge to unlock your car without causing any damage. It may only take 15-30 minutes for a local locksmith to arrive in your area to help you and unlock your car. He may also duplicate keys for you if you want to, and he might also give you some advice on how to prevent this car lockout incident in the future.



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