Locked Keys in Car? Here’s How to Unlock Car with Hanger DIY

When you’re locked out of car, you panic and would do almost anything to get back in; would practice your lock picking skills and hope that the door would unlock before the sun rises, or would break the window because the sun is about to rise. You’re tired and starving.. you just want to go home.. sleep, and hope that everything was just a nightmare.

But how do you break in your own car without damaging it? You may try a few tricks like using a shoelace to unlock your car. If you don’t have a shoelace though, you may try a coat hanger to unlock car for you to get in. A hanger or any bendable, long, tiny material that could fit in the car door and the door frame is the one you need.

The following videos show how to break in your car from the inside and from the outside using a hanger or a long metal rod bent to unlock car.


But if you’re locked out while your child or your pet is locked inside, you may have to call the police or a professional help from a local locksmith. This kind of emergency must be taken care of immediately, and it must only take 15-30 minutes for the local locksmith to arrive in your area to assist you. Have your local locksmith’s emergency number saved in your phone because you never know when you would need one.

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