Finding the Perfect Digital Door Locks for Your Home

People get locked out of their houses everyday, and most of the time they don’t know what to do when locked out. It’s either they lost their keys, or they left their keys inside realizing it after shutting the door close. In some instances, doors just lock by itself when you close it which require to be checked by a local locksmith and have it fixed.

But how would you like the idea of entering your house without using a key and upgrade your home security system? Don’t you wish to have your door automatically opens for you as you approach? You won’t need to scour your bag for that key or forcefully produce a third hand when you’re carrying too many grocery bags.

Get to know some of these digital door locks or electronic door locks and find the perfect match for your front door.

Kwikset Kevo

Finding the Perfect Digital Door Locks for Your Home - Kwikset Kevo
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One of the first Wi-Fi door locks was introduced by Kwikset; with its “touch to open” technology, you won’t be needing your keys to open that door. Fumbling with your keys, or losing your keys and getting locked out is no longer a problem when you have smart door locks installed in your front door.

Kwikset is one of the most popular names in door locks, and their 2nd generation bluetooth deadbolt lock is designed better than before. Their new keyless smart door lock is tougher and much smaller than its first version; it’s stronger and can’t be forced open by barbaric trespassers. It’s easier to install, and you can send unlimited “ekeys” for your family and friends. Through the mobile app, you can monitor who gets in and out of your house, and get someone locked out if you want to.


Yale Real Living Assure Lock

Finding the Perfect Digital Door Locks for Your Home - Yale Real Living Assure Lock
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This elegant-looking, no key, smart door lock features a capacitive touch screen to lock and unlock your door. Although expensive, this digital door lock is your key to upgrading your home security system and give your family the protection you want for them.

The Yale Real Living Assure electronic door lock is compatible with Zigbee or Z-Wave network modules. You can control it via those network modules and connect the Yale door lock to your smartphone or other devices thru your Wi-Fi. The Assure Lock also supports bluetooth, which means you can grant access to your family and friends by sending them keys.. electronic keys of some sort, for them to unlock the door lock themselves.

August Smart Lock

Finding the Perfect Digital Door Locks for Your Home - August Smart Lock
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An electronic door lock that involves no key nor entering access codes to get you in, which makes unauthorized people unable to copy your code to gain access and sneak in when you’re not home. This digital deadbolt lock is easy to install with geofencing and IFTTT support. You can manage who can get in or get locked out of your house through a secure bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi.

The August app keeps tabs of those who enter and leave your house, monitored through your smartphone. The app also sends a reminder if the AA batteries need replacing to keep the door lock working. The August Smart lock has voice activation technology which sounds cooler than typing access codes to get you in. You now have additional assignment for Siri: “unlock the door” for you.

There’s also an option within the mobile app where you can enable “auto-unlock” feature and appoint your home area. This means your door will automatically unlock as you walk up to your front door without touching anything. The August app will actively search for your door lock within the area you appointed and will unlock your door when you’re close enough to the lock. It’s like magic.

Upgrading your home security system and adding smart door locks is not just a wise move for your family’s safety, it’s a great investment that you must take advantage of. The ease and convenience these Wi-Fi door locks bring to our lives is just what we need.

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