Door Locks That Are Impossible To Be Picked

You must have been searching if there are deadbolt locks that are impossible to be picked, or any door locks for your front door that are impossible to be picked. We all have this concern. We all want to be safe, our family safe, and our property safe from unwanted people to enter our houses. That is why using high tech door locks in your front door is considered a wise move to ensure your family’s safety, and other deadbolt locks which are complicated enough for intruders to shy away from breaking entry.


Digital Deadbolt Locks

A digital deadbolt lock is an electronic lock operated without a key, which is perfect for those who keeps on losing their keys and keeps getting locked out of their homes. There are many different types of digital locks, all of which uses different methods to keep you safe.

Some digital locks have electronic keypads which you use to enter a password to unlock your door, while some require you to swipe a key card. But there is one which has a finger print recognition software which only allows entry to those individuals whose finger prints match those in its memory.

Installing high tech door locks will not only provide the kind of security you need for your family and your property, but the fact that you won’t be needing any keys is a huge advantage not to get locked out of your home again, ever again.. unless you forgot your password, err or your finger that is.


But the truth is, there is no door lock that cannot be picked.. all locks can be picked, but some can be complicated enough that it could take long for lock pickers to unlock them.


HYT Chain Key and Deadbolt

One complicated deadbolt lock is the one with a chain key which is one of the most difficult locks to be picked. Its production, unfortunately, has been stopped years ago and there are only a few copies of it and is very rare to find.. making it a collectibles item if you ever stumble upon one. Like this one below:

Dimple Lock and Keys with too many Dimples

Locks with dimple keys may not be as complicated, but dimple keys with too many dimples can offer like a million of combinations for it to be picked. Check out how this lock was picked in this video below:

Every home security systems has its weakness, but to use a door lock that has complicated mechanisms will make it harder for unauthorized people to break in your property easily. Choosing the right door locks for your home is a matter of how much you can provide for your family’s safety, and how well you can pay for it, probably.

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