Lock Picking Scenes in Movies MacGyver Might Try to Pop a Lock

Lock picking scenes in movies bring out the tension and excitement especially when it involves escaping or breaking in, which MacGyver might find interesting to try for himself if he finds himself locked out of house or his car, or his safe. He might find this safe opening scene exciting.

Silence of the Lambs

I’m not quite sure if MacGyver is a fan of cannibalism, but the lock picking technique Hannibal Lecter used in this scene was too clever and unbelievable for him to miss. It’s one of those memorable, yet gruesome scenes in Silence of the Lambs where Hannibal Lecter escaped from his cell and killed 2 of his prison guards. Using a pen piece, he managed to unlock his handcuffs smoothly and attacked and ate one of his prison guards who just wanted to serve him food. Damn, that scene.


Midnight Run

Robert De Niro used a home-made snap picks and a tension wrench in unlocking doors. In the first part of the clip, he was almost shot by the person on the other side of the door he was trying to unlock. I haven’t seen this movie in ages, and it’s funny that I stumble upon this movie again by collecting some lock picking scenes in movies to post in here. If you haven’t seen this, go watch this movie, it’s a great laugh!



MacGyver might not find unlocking doors easily with a snapper gun, but to unlock front doors using a bobby pin might be a bit of a challenge for him. No?

Tower Heist

A group of hard-working men hired a crook to help them get back their lost money in a Ponzi scheme. Eddie Murphy portrayed the crook who taught them how to unlock door using bobby pins under a freezing weather on top of a building, in preparation to break in the apartment of their thief.


Italian Job

That safe cracking scene was too intense not to be included in this list. Charlize Theron’s character as a safe technician had a hard time to open safe, which was, according to her was replaced by a safe model with a glass in it. She was worried they might fail, but Matt Damon’s character pursued her to continue. If you’re Matt Damon, you’d probably push her as well. Come on, you’ve come this far, there’s no turning back! and she did crack the safe open, and the rest of the crew hurried to transfer the gold bars to those mini coopers which were perfect fit for their escape.


The Terminator II

This scene by Linda Hamilton unlocking that deadbolt lock with a paper clip was real. James Cameron, the director of the film, made her to learn this lock picking technique and kept filming the scene in the mental hospital until she unlocked it open. That was quite impressive.


There had been issues with filming lock picking scenes, like that one with Linda Hamilton. The BBFC thought the scene was too realistic and that might encourage people to use it in illegal activities, which for me is much helpful in emergencies like the one Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) was into. But the fact that she really did unlock that deadbolt for real never stopped the director to show it because that’s the goal all along.. to make it the scene look real. And it was fantastic.


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