Locked Keys in Car? Here’s How to Unlock Car with Shoelace DIY

Nothing can be more stressful and terrifying than being locked out of car from waking up and realizing someone like Trump really won the 2016 election. We are still trying to process the whole thing, but if you caught yourself locked out of your car, you must think fast or worse could happen.. worse than the reality we’re facing right now. We’ve discussed how to unlock your house in case of house lockout, and this time we’ll share with you a cool technique to get you back in your car without calling a local locksmith.

So if you find yourself locked out of car, just take a deep breath, relax, and focus. It’s important that your focus is on this, or you might damage your car and face more expensive fees for fixing it.

Double Check If You Really are Locked Out

Sometimes we panic out of nothing.. that happens a lot. Some people have mistaken of being locked out and would realize in the end that they have their keys all along. It was just hiding deep in their pockets, or in their bags, or is using a different key. But it’s alright, we’re all humans, after all.

Double check your car doors. Like the first tip when you’re locked out of your house, checking all the possible entries in your car must be the first in your list. You’d be lucky if you did forget to unlock one of your car doors. If not, go on continue reading.

Check the Trunk

If you are quite sure none of your car doors are open, check on your trunk. If your trunk is open, that is. There are car models which trunk have means of entry from the trunk to the back seat. Push it and you’ll be able to crawl your way inside your car.

If you can’t find any way to get in without breaking anything, it’s time to MacGyver yourself into your car without (hopefully) damaging your precious.

Use Your Shoelace and Make a Slip Knot

Look for a shoelace, or a string or a thin rope around. You would need a thin rope or string because it have to be small enough to fit between the car door and the frame. Additional note is that, this technique will only work on cars with post locks. But before we begin with unlocking your car door with a shoe lace, you must first learn how to tie a slip knot. I believe not everyone knows how to do that. So here’s a simple step by step instructions on how to tie a slip knot.

Once you’ve had your string with a slip knot which must be in the middle of the string, get ready to open your door. Place the shoelace at the top corner of the door, slide it in and wiggle it forward until the slip knot reaches the door lock. Pull the loop to tighten it, then pull the lock up.

If you’re still unsuccessful with unlocking your car, it might be time to call your local auto locksmith. A professional car locksmith have the necessary tools to unlock car door in few minutes without damaging your car.

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