How to Rekey Locks: Key Replacement DIY

If you just moved in to your new house or you lost your house keys, you must rekey locks of your door(s) to ensure your and your family’s safety. You never know how many key copy the former occupants still have in their possession. Rekeying locks must be done especially when you lost your key, and you must not compromise your safety for having a stranger an access to your home.

Calling a local locksmith is indeed much expensive than rekeying locks of your own door, that’s why we are sharing with you these easy steps on rekeying a door lock. With the following video by Fu Hsing Americas and a rekeying kit you could buy in any hardware stores, you could rekey locks in your door like a pro!



Keep in mind though that you have to buy rekeying kits for each brand of locks you have in your home. You’d be lucky if your door locks have the same brand! The kit will have 2 keys and the tools you will need, except for a screwdriver. But you must keep your current keys, you will need them to remove the cylinder.

Prepare a 4-in-1 screwdriver and a needle-nose pliers for this DIY key replacement project. Have all these necessary tools lined up before you start. The tweezers and other special tools are included in the rekeying tool kit. Also, feel free to abuse the replay button for you to be able to get this project done right. Good luck rekeying locks of your own door, and enjoy!



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