Locked out? Here’s What to Do When Locked Out of House

So you have locked yourself out of your house or your apartment and no one’s home to open the door for you. You have no spare keys left to one of your neighbors or your friends and you have never thought of hiding one around outside your house either. Now what?

Here are some few tips to get yourself back in, although some of these tips might get you in trouble for breaking in your own house, but here they are:

Look for an Open Window


If you have left an open window, you must be very lucky because you would never leave your windows unlocked when you leave. But if fortunately you did, simply lift it up and open it wide enough for you to climb through. Let’s just hope you could fit in.

Be careful though as you make your way through the window; mind the furniture or appliances below it like vases, tv, or your cat. Do not step on your cat. But do let them in when they’re locked out.


Use your Credit Card

This lock picking method only works on spring bolts, the kind that’s part of a door knob.

If you have a credit that you don’t mind destroying, you can use it to unlock the door by swiping the card between the frame and the door where the latch is located. But if you have laminated card, use it instead.. they’re more bendy.

So swipe the card between the frame and simultaneously push and wiggle the card and bend away from the doorknob. Try to push your weight against the door while you bend the card and when you feel it slide the latch back, turn the handle door open.

If you successfully opened the door, call your local locksmith. You need to get your door locks changed. Get a deadbolt, for example, because that proved that your security is at risk. You need to consider upgrading your door locks.


Remove your Door Knob

Removing your door knob is another way of getting in as long as your door has no deadbolt installed in it, or if it’s not in use. Most door knobs have mounting screws hidden which appears as if it can’t be removed from the door. You must look closely and you will see a tiny hole which is usually found at the bottom or at the side of the door knob. Pick a hair pin or a paper clip, straighten it up, insert it into the hole and apply pressure.

Keep pushing the clip or the pin deeply into the hole with one hand, while twisting the door knob with your other hand. Keep applying pressure with the clip and simultaneously turning the doorknob until you remove it.

Pull off the cover to reveal the lock set, then pull back the locking mechanism with a screw driver. Then call your local locksmith to replace your door lock with something more complicated mechanism.


Call your Local Locksmith


If the above suggestions did not give you any hope of getting in your house, it might be time to call for a local locksmith. Get a free quote so you would know how much you’re going to pay for them to unlock your house.

Getting locked out is no joke. It can be the most frustrating thing that can happen to you. Whether we like it or not, things happen. Lock out can happen to anyone.. even the president of the United States had been locked out. But we can prevent this from happening:

  • Give a spare key to one of your trusted neighbors or a friend nearby.
  • Look for a hiding spot outside your house. Be very careful about this though because you don’t want other people to get access to your home.
  • Make it habit to put your keys in your bag.
  • Or put a reminder on your phone not to leave your keys or a locksmith will cost you your whole week’s budget again. Your call.



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