How to Choose the Right Door Locks for My Home

Home security starts at your front door; at your door locks and deadbolts. If you’re doing a DIY Home Security System, you must choose your door locks wisely. To keep your house and your family safe from any danger, you must choose the right door locks that best suits your needs. Some homeowners often mistakenly choose a door lock that “looks right” or “looks good” which could compromise security.

When selecting a door lock and deadbolt, you must take into consideration a number of important factors; function, durability, and the style (consider the artistic style the least).



Every door locks has different functions and levels of security depending on the type of room you will use it for, the type of door, the quality of the frame in which you are fitting it, and the level of key security you need. Your front door, for example, which must have the highest security level is advisable to install a patented or restricted lock.


Patented keys or restricted keys can’t be duplicated without your authorization, which is perfect for your house or your business. But if the patented keys are stolen or gone missing, the key can be deleted, the lock reconfigured, and new keys will be issued. The lost or stolen keys will no longer work on the lock and the security remains high.


Interior doors like bathroom door or closet door doesn’t need a higher level of security than your exterior door, but you must also determine which type of door knobs or door handles or levers you will need throughout your home.


  • Passage Door Locks – the kind of door lock which can’t be locked from either side. It is commonly used in hallway doors, closet doors, and other rooms where locks are not needed.


  • Privacy Door Locks – this type of door lock can be locked from the inside using a push or turn button. These door handles, door knobs or levers are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is needed, but can be unlocked from the outside in case of emergency.


  • Storeroom Locks – if you have kids and you wish to keep them off of your storeroom or pantry, a lock with a storeroom function is the one you need. This door lock is always locked and can only be opened with a key. The door can be opened freely from the inside of the room, while the lock automatically locks when the door is closed once you exit.



Locksets are categorized according to security and durability which are specified according to the standards of ANSI/BHMA. Lock grades range from Grade 1 to Grade 3 – Grade 1 being the highest which is advisable for business or office buildings. Grade 2 has excellent security and durability which fits homeowners who require high security for their homes. Grade 3 has minimum acceptable security and durability for houses.



If you have figured out which type of door locks you are using for your DIY home security system, you can then choose the style or aesthetics that fits your door(s). And choosing the style will be easy because all grades of locks have a wide range of design and finishes to match your home decor; from modern to classic.


Choosing the right door locks for your home is an easy task, installing it properly, however, is a different story. Consult your local locksmith when installing a new lock for your home to ensure your safety.




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